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Personalized Lather Bowl - Zero Waste Shaving Mug

Personalized Lather Bowl - Zero Waste Shaving Mug

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Normal fiyat 952.00TL İndirimli fiyat 734.00TL
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Dimensions 134x134x47 mm
You can send a message to order different sizes or to print your name on the base of the bowl.
The price may change as the size increases and customization options.
These 3d printed bowls are designed by us and produce lather very quickly.
They are very durable and the PLA, TPU and PETG models have different hardnesses and are impossible to break.
We are sorry that we cannot send fancy packages when the costs vary a lot depending on the weight in international shipping. This is necessary to keep prices affordable.
I wish you all a good shave and thank you for your support.
*Pla Material bowls are not resistant to very hot water. If you want to use with hot water, please prefer 3d bowls made of TPU material or copper bowls.

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