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Free Soap Included Large Copper Shaving Bowl - Hand Embroidered - Monogrammed Mens Grooming Gift

Free Soap Included Large Copper Shaving Bowl - Hand Embroidered - Monogrammed Mens Grooming Gift

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Mouth Diameter 12.5 cm

Base Diameter 6 cm

Height 6 cm

Volume 480 ml

Our product is made of copper. The embroidery on it is chisel hand embroidery. It is tinned inside and outside and tumbled form is applied.

Immerse yourself in the tradition and luxury of classic wet shaving with this exquisite item. Hand-sculpted in a time-honored manner, this copper bowl possesses a rare vintage charm coupled with impeccable craftsmanship 👨‍🔧.

⚱ This copper bowl is not just a tool, but a masterpiece. Each hammer stroke results in a unique pattern that adds a touch of individuality to each copper shaving bowl. 💈 A tribute to the good old days of shaving, it brings back the lost art of lathering with its wide and deep design that allows ample room for whipping up luxurious and creamy lather.🪥 Included in this package is the universally acclaimed Arko shaving soap. Known for its superior lathering quality, it helps provide an ultimately smooth and refreshing shaving experience. 🌿 The shaving soap is enriched with tallow, stearic acid, and trusted ingredients for superior skin protection. Loaded with the invigorating scents of geraniol and linalool, your morning shave will never be ordinary again.

🍃 Using this copper shaving bowl provides excellent thermal conductivity, effectively keeping your lather warm throughout the process. ❤️ It's more than just a bowl - it's a step towards embracing an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Made from 100% copper, it offers a sustainable ✅ alternative over plastic bowls, promising decades of service. Each piece is meticulously sculpted, representing hours of dedication and skilled craftsmanship.

Be it a personal indulgence or a thoughtful gift 🎁, this copper bowl guarantees unmatched luxury and performance. Just choose it to embrace a traditional, yet extraordinary shaving experience or as a perfect gift for the classic men in your life!

Thank you for checking out my shop 🛍. Your support means the world 🌎 to us. Follow us for more unique finds and updates.
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