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Artisan Shaving Soap Vegan Shea Cocoa Butter Thick Lather - haylis

Artisan Shaving Soap Vegan Shea Cocoa Butter Thick Lather - haylis

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To purchase the sample pack:
*35-40 gram soaps are sent as refill in hard soaps. Since these soaps lose water over time, their weight can vary between 35-45 grams.

Soaps with a softer consistency, on the other hand, are reboxed and sent, so it is possible to adjust the weight exactly and it is between 40-50 grams net. However, since they are taken from the original 150 gram box and put in 40 gram boxes, they may not look as aesthetic as 150 gram boxes.

Thank you for your understanding. I wish you a healthy shave.
PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER IN YOUR ADDRESS FOR A BETTER DELIVERY EXPERIENCE.We handcraft our shave soaps and shaving soaps in small batches, offering both Vegan and Tallow-based options, each with a diverse range of captivating scents. With our own sensitive skin in mind, we meticulously ensure that each shaving soap possesses the essential qualities for an exceptional wet shaving experience. We wouldn't send you a soap we wouldn't want to use ourselves. As passionate wetshaving enthusiasts, we prioritize creating products that elevate your shaving routine. Wishing you smooth and enjoyable shaves with our thoughtfully crafted shave soaps!
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